LovasLED LED strip 24V 19.2W
  • LovasLED LED strip 24V 19.2W
  • LovasLED LED strip 24V 19.2W
  • LovasLED LED strip 24V 19.2W

LovasLED LED strip 24V 19.2W


LovasLED LED strip 24V 19,2W 

For this product we grant 5 years warranty, and the product has TÜV and SGS quality certificates!

Wattage of the LED strip:

- 19,2 W/m (brightness 1200 lm/m – this means about the brightness of a 100W bulb per meter) 

Colour temperature of the LED strip:

- 3000K min. 90CRI (warm white)

Technical drawing of the LED strip:

LED strip technical drawing, illustration

The width of the LED strip is 10 mm and it is packaged in 5 meter long rolls.

The length of the supply cable is 30 cm.

You can cut the strip to size at the signs (per 6 LEDs).

The strip has on the back side 3M self-adhesive surface to stick it up.

Installation of the LED strip:

Installation of the LED strip

Maximum 2,5 meter LED strip can operate with a one side connection.

The strip operates with a 24V power supply.

You can count the wattage of the 24V power supply, if you multiply the wattage of one meter LED strip with the number of the ordered meters and you add to the result extra 20 %.

For example: 5 meters x 19,2W = 96W + 20% = 115,2W -> In this case you will need a 24V power supply with 120W.

It is necessary to cool the LED strip. You must place it to a cooling surface, to an aluminium profile, this will support the long lifetime of the strip.


Area of usage/Premises
Wattage of the the LED strip [W/m]
9.6 W/m
Luminous flux [lm/m]
578 lm/m
Colour Rendering Index [CRI]
CRI 90
Brightness controlling 
Number of LEDs per meter [db/m]
120 pcs/m
Width of the LED strip [mm]
8 mm
Warranty period of the manufacturer 
3 years
Wattage of the LED strip per meter [W/m]
Wattage of the LED strip per meter [W/m]
Colour temperature (Kelvin)
Colour temperature (Kelvin)
Type of the LED
Type of the LED
LED-ek száma méterenként[db/m]
LED-ek száma méterenként[db/m]
Article No.
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