LED strip lighting

LED strips for interior and exterior usage

We offer you self-adhesive 12V and 24V LED strips either as a main lighting or as a decoration. These are modern and energy-saving solutions for indoor and outdoor usage or equally for underwater usage.


The LED strips are becoming more popular. Many people choose them as a nice decoration lighting, but with a LED strip, which has bigger brightness, you can make a main lighting also. In order to have a long lifetime the LED strip must be placed into an aluminum profile, this provides the necessary cooling for the strip. It is important to pay attention to the number of LED diodes per meter, in order to have homogen and equable light and a perfect effect.

You can use three types of LED strips as a light source: the most common is the indoor type, but many people are looking for the IP-protected outdoor type, which is protected against dust and steam, as well as waterproof LED strips with silicone overlay for the lakes in the garden, or for pools.