Some of our references:

Dubai – Design Award 2015

INDEX International Design Exhibition

Our company designed and manufactured the lighting of this compass table. Finding the right position and programming the warm white and special amber power LEDs, it creates an effect as if the wood were smoldering.

Dubai Design Award LED lighting


Custom-designed Swarovski Crystal Stair with LED lighting


Swarovski crystal stairs with LED lighting


Custom-made crystal chandeliers with LEDs hidden behind a mirror

LovasLED crystal chandeliers with high efficiency LEDs


ONE pendant lamp

This is one of our own designed pendants and it is made with exclusive surface treatments and with high efficiency power LEDs.

The tubes with 20 mm diameter are decorated with 11 pieces of 5*15 mm Swarovski Princess Baguette Crystals. By combining several pendants, elegant luminaires can be created in interiors with high headroom and in staircases.

LovasLED One pendant lamp for staircases


Crystal Square spot lamp

One of our unique products designed by ourselves is a crystal spot, whose jewel is a big, 50*50 mm crystal. We manufacture it with several surface treatment. The goal by the product design was to create a floating effect of the crystal.

LovasLED Crystal Square spot lamp


Exterior facade lightings – Budapest

Our RGBW DMX LED modules ensures the lighting for this spectacular Zsolnay facade and for the basalt pillars. The LED modules are working with pixel mapping, so they are adapted to play even video content.

 Exterior facade lighting with DMX LED modules

Our many years of experiences and our professional background enables us to use professional LED technologies and high-level technical solutions to manufacture really amazing luminaries created by custom-made designs.


We honestly hope that our company with its expertise, experience in production and with its high-level services can contribute to the success of your company too.