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LED strip linear lighting: makes your home unique.
Choose from our ALU LED Profiles the right one for you.

The lighting with LED strips, which are built into aluminium profiles, are becoming more popular.

It depends on your taste, that the LED lighting will remain hidden, or that will shine your home as a decoration of the wall.

Some years ago the lighting with LED strips had only decoration function, they had not enough light. Now this is the past.

The LED lighting are suitable as main lighting, they are able to provide enough brightness, maybe also bigger brightness, than a spot lamp, a chandellier or a pendant.

Additionally - with the right location - we can avoid the shadows with the linear lighting.

It can provide significantly more also in wattage: the wattage of a chandellier is 20-50 W, but we can reach this wattage with LED strip linear lighting in every meter, so we can increase the brightness in the premises.


The appearance of the LED strip lighting has limiteless opportunities.

It can provide you elegance, futuristic appearance, clean enterior, minimal style or even romantic mood.

It is worth to see also the Printerest page of our company, where you can have a look to the various use of the LED strips.

led strip profile

You can choose the LED strip lighting in different colours: warm and cold white, colourful or colour changing. 

With the RGB LED strips you can shuffle more thousand hue from the three main colour: red, green and blue.

The RGBW LED strips contain additionally a warm white colour range, so the white colour is clear white, and not mixed.

One LED strip can provide you the colourful mood lighting and the white light also, and you can adjust the colour temperature depending on your mood.

There are linear lightings available, which colour rendering index is 80-90 CRI, and this can ensure to see the real colours of the premises or rooms in 100 %.

The LED strips are popular because of their wide range usability and their various shapes.

The aluminium profile ensure the long-term and effective operation of the strips, thanks to its cooling surface.

alu led profile

You can find in our store a wide selection of the aluminum led profiles, also with extreme width, you can choose based on the shape, size, placement and function.

We offer you different profiles from 8 mm till 50 mm size.

The brightness of the linear lighting depends on the density of the diodes on the LED strips.

By choosing an aluminium profile we want to support the homogeneity of the LED strip lighting.

For an extra charge we can make the unique anodizing or the powder coating for a unique colour of the profile, or we can cut it to size.

The placement of the LED strip lighting has limiteless opportunities.

It depends only on your imagination, where and how to built-in these lightings in your home.

You can choose the following:

  • recessed: you can place the profile into the floor or into the wall, in a plane, so the linear lighting will perfectly fit into its surroundings, and it will show elegance. It is a good choice because it is step-proof and you can wash it with a mop.
  • surface mounted: you can install one or more LED strip lighting to the different points of the wall - to the wall, to the ceiling, to the ceiling cover. Thanks to these not only the furnishings of your home will be special, but you can reach the perfect brightness also.
  • for glass- or plexi plates as edge lighting: you can light with the LED strips the glass shelfes, the space separtion elements in your home, the glass tables, and this will not only emphasize their appearance, but highlights the objects on these, and the patterns on its surface.
  • for steps: in more and more buildings the steps are with lightings, and it looks good in the darkness. The LED strips built into the steps are step-proof, these are a good alternative for the lighting not only in the living room, but also in the garage. 
  • for bathroom and kitchen: you can decorate also your bathroom with LED lighting, you can light the mirror, you can make a magical romantic light above the tub, you can use it by tiles as a surface closing or separation, and your unique lighting will work even if there is a steam in the premises. 
  • for stands: the LED lighting is more and more popular on exhibitions and fares by the displays. You can use it as a linear lighting to show the directions and also as a decoration of your stand. With the LED strips, which have a DMX conroller, you can play with the lights in such a way, that will attract the attention of all the visitors to your stand.
  • lighting for the walls: the LED lighting built into the ceiling or ceiling-cover can give a mysterious mood to your home. You can adjust the lighting in such a way to light only some areas on the wall, or to light only one picture on it.
  • lighting in the kitchen: the big brightness is always useful in the kitchen. If you use linear lighting in the kitchen furnitures or in the bar this will make a pleasant athmosphere and additionally it is an excellent choice to have a big brightness.
  • lighting for furnitures: the furnitures can be beautiful not only because of their shape and colour, but they can be more unique thanks to the LED lighting. In the wardrobe you can get an extra lighting to choose your dresses and cloths.
  • outdoor lighting: you can use the linear lighting on your terrace or in your cellar. You can install it into the wall, into coverings or into steps. The result will be not only a nice appearance but also perfect brightness.

ALU LED strip profile

If you have no ideas, than you can have a confidence to us! Our planner will combine your dreams and imaginations with your expectations regarding the light sources. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

You can contact us with trust, ask for a recall!